Did I let an Ipad steal my child?

ipads stealing children

I am writing this post more to reflect my experience that actually as some sort of opinion piece, but over the last couple of weeks, I have really had my eyes opened.. I was, like the majority of parents before they have kids, not going to succumb to the Ipad ‘babysitter’- you know, that thing […]

Chamonix- one week on!


Well, technically nine days, but what is a day or two between friends? I finally arrived here, Little Dude and dog in tow, last Friday after taking the ferry and then the looong drive with an over night stop-off at an Ibis in Dijon.  I decided to do an overnight stop initially because I didn’t […]

Big move underway!

Well, I am writing this from my parents’ home in Hampshire, having moved out of my house in Manchester yesterday. As you can imagine, and especially as I woke at 3.33! am, I was completely knackered yesterday, and was in bed by 9pm- earliest for me in a long, long, time. I had a (so […]