Manchester-as you don’t see her!

Over exposed..not quite there..

Well, I’ve been off with my camera again.  I’ve actually bought the idiots guide to the Canon 100d which I am slowly making my way through, but I am also chilling a bit on the learning aspect too. This afternoon I took off for a bit of a de-stress hour with the hound down to […]

We are all completely beside ourselves- book review

So, I ‘downloaded’ (still all very new to me the world of Kindle) the book ‘We are all completely beside ourselves’ by Karen Joy Fowler, as I was looking for something fairly clever but not too heavy. ‘We are all completely beside ourselves’ has been shortlisted, surprisingly apparently,  for the Booker Prize 2014, a nomination […]

Flying with British Airways- don’t do it!!

Britsh Airways

I have debated putting this post on here, because it is not very Zen like, but given the amount of people who have also encountered similar problems with BA (British Airways) when it comes to customer service, I think it is only fair to outline my experience of flying with British Airways with a small […]