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Malicious backlinking

So, after some investigation yesterday, I discovered that there are a number of backlinks going to my niche website which have nothing to do with me and which, strangely enough, have appeared in the last couple of weeks, just as Penguin 2.1 was about to be released.

This has, in no uncertain terms, devastated my niche website.  I have gone from a traffic high of 225 pageviews last week and record adsense earnings on Monday to virtually zero traffic today and miniscule adsense.

The strange thing is however, there are only 16 domains linking into my site, so it seems strange that so much damage could be done by so few links, but there you go!

Obviously, this has massively deflated me, I had already beaten last months Adsense earnings and now…well, it could be a long time before (if ever) the niche site reached these levels again.

Any advice, comments or just positive mental attitudes that people have would be most appreciated!

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